Part Time Jobs

Most people look forward to retirement because they get to enjoy social security benefits, senior travel and a lot of extra free time. But due to the recent decline of the economy, there are many baby boomers out there who would like to add to their retirement income by working a part time job.

A senior part time job is a great source of supplemental retirement income that can help you live happier during your retirement years without taking away the flexibility retirement gives you. It also gives extra money for travel opportunities and for any health expenses that may arise in the future.

One of the many benefits of this type of work is it gives the opportunity to meet new people and expand on hobbies and pastimes that were only touched upon when you had a busy Monday through Friday, 9-5 work day. Part-time jobs allow a person to try a new interest and then learn from that chosen path.

Popular Kinds of Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

  1. Retail Part Time Jobs
  2. Online Part Time Jobs
  3. Government Part Time Jobs
  4. Administrative Part Time Jobs
  5. Healthcare Part Time Jobs
  6. Education Part Time Jobs

Featured Part Time Jobs

Transportation Security Administration

Airport security has increased dramatically in the past decade. This means more safety precautions when traveling, and more job opportunities. Becoming a transportation security administrator gives you the power of security at airports and other ports of travel; you are responsible for the safety of American passengers.

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Assistant Teacher

If teaching has always been a draw for you, but you aren’t sure if teaching full-time is for you, becoming an assistant teacher will fill both urges. You receive just as much contact with students as teachers do, but the grading and outside responsibilities are not as intense as an assistant teacher.

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Bus Driver

You’re eye sight and physical capabilities need to be in tip-top shape for this senior employment option. Don’t be afraid of learning to be a bus driver; classes and training courses will be enforced and updated throughout the career.

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Entertainment Staff on a Cruise Ship

Many consider retirement the time to travel and see the world. Why not work at the same time? There are countless senior employment options on cruise lines; Carnival cruises offer plenty just in the field of entertainment.

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